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Who is First Trust, and why do we use their ETFs?


and how can it help you?

With the constant volatility in the stock market, you may wonder how this could affect your retirement plans. This is why we at ProVest have developed the Wealth Toolkit®. When we conduct a retirement analysis with our new Wealth Toolkit® it can help reduce your anxiety of investing by being able to better understand your recent portfolio volatility, and by comparing it to previous times in history.  This fabulous Wealth Toolkit® contains a Risk Assessment Tool, a Retirement Planning Tool, and a Social Security Analysis Tool. 

Risk Assessment Tool

To find out your own PERSONAL tolerance for Investment Risk, click on the Big Red Button

How does our Active Management style of investing work?

Active Management is a strategy used by investors to mitigate risk in the market by actively buying and selling securities.  Unlike passive investing, which simply tracks an index, active managers use their expertise to identify undervalued securities and capitalize on market trends. 

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