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What is the Wealth Toolkit ?

It is comprehensive set of wealth management tools that help individuals and businesses in the areas of financial planning and money management in the retirement decision making process.

What are the tools in the Wealth Toolkit   and what does each one do?

Risk Assessment Software 

This tool evaluates both your personal tolerance for risk and the risk level of your entire portfolio to make sure they stay aligned.


Retirement Planning Software 

This tool evaluates all expected sources of retirement income as well as all expected expenses, so you can have a plan to make your income last throughout retirement.


Social Security Analysis Software 

This tool evaluates all of the different filing strategies for your social security so that you can decide the absolute best time to file.


Living Legacy


This tool provides a way to easily document your life story so that you can leave behind your values as well as your valuables.


College Planning Software

This tool contrasts different school options across the country,
to determine the best school-fit for your child while minimizing college loan debt