Tim Scott is my Kind of Senator

Sen. Tim Scott, our South Carolina Senator, recently predicted a very optimistic picture of a post coronavirus economy and prophesied tremendous growth in the second half of 2021. He said, "I look forward to the third and fourth quarter of this year where we're going to have the most incredible comeback that we've ever seen as a nation" He went on to say, "We will see not only double-digit but high teens or low 20s GDP growth. "This economy has been waiting for a long time to explode. And it's going to happen."

When asked what would help America get back on its feet once the coronavirus pandemic stops, Scott talked about incentives for getting capital off the sidelines and a competitive tax structure. Yet the senator further offered something more intangible by prompting Americans to keep a positive outlook. "We have to believe that the best is still to come, Scott stated. "Too often we hear a lot of naysayers [and] a lot of doomsday predictions.

"The truth is that we have overcome a civil war, the Jim Crow South. We've overcome the decline of the 1987 Black Monday. We've been able to overcome conflict in Korea, Vietnam [and] two world wars. Our nation is very resilient," Scott said. "So, we have to remind ourselves consistently that we are going to be fantastic." “We have now had a full year of unemployment at 4 percent or lower, and the results have been incredible. Smashing many predictions, these jobs reports have been a welcomed indication of just how incredible our country’s economy is doing. While all of these numbers and reports help to illustrate just how successfully our economy is thriving, the proof is truly evident on the Main Streets and in the households across the country,” Scott said. “When the economy thrives, the positive effects can be felt throughout our nation, in every corner of our lives. People can start businesses, and established businesses can grow and thrive. Mothers and fathers can provide for their families and for their futures. Communities come together as they prosper. These numbers should not just mean something to economists, but to all of us. They are the green light to a better community, country and life for us all!” Scott continued, “Looking forward, I am hopeful that this economic prosperity will reach every corner of our country, especially those places that are economically distressed and have often been left behind in other periods of economic boom.”

Folks, how often, when you watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio do you hear such a positive outlook. I am so proud to have Tim Scott as my senator. He is a no-nonsense, positive guy that I want right there at the front of my state. He has introduced a real police reform bill that actually fixes things. As you can see from his remarks I just quoted from, he’s not interested in dividing people. He sees the color of his skin as just incidental to his humanhood, not his defining characteristic. His defining characteristics are his mind, his attitude, and his character.

And Scott is absolutely right regarding the pickup in activity in the country. My wife and I recently spent a week in Hilton Head. The traffic there was nothing like we’ve ever seen. We will soon be spending some time at a little resort in Florida, where several members of our family get together each year. All their condos are booked. They’ve never been booked like that. People are tired of being locked up, away from people. Humans are social animals. We need contact with each other, and we’re going to find a way to be in contact with one another, one way or another.

That’s why I am so happy that Tim Scott is our South Carolina Senator, not Raphael Warnock. I’m happy we have a uniter, and optimistic guy, a guy with ideas that actually solves problems, not a guy that divides people along the lines of color or ideology. Optimistic people are harder, much harder, to come by. Humans are naturally negative. So, when we come across people who carry optimism and hope in their soul, you just want to hang on to them.

So, when you hear other nay-sayers coming on the radio, or see them on TV talking about how bad things are, and pushing their manufactured fear at you, just take a look around you. Are the streets empty, are the sidewalks deserted? Are there no people in stores and restaurants? Observe, and make up your own mind. Then determine for yourself if you want to be a part of it by being invested in the activity all around you, or do you want to sit on the sidelines and keep your money in interest bearing accounts that don’t even keep up with inflation?