Shut up about Politics

My wife and I have a four year old Australian Shepherd dog, to whom we are deeply attached. When we go out to a restaurant we will often leave Charlie in his crate. When we first started doing that when he was just a pup, he would stomp around and bark as we were leaving. I was worried that Charlie had separation anxiety and that we were possibly harming him by leaving him like that. So I brought it up to the lady we had hired to train him. She asked me if he continued to bark after we shut the door when we went out. I told her that he quiets down once we are out the door. She then said, “no, he doesn’t have anxiety, he has an opinion.” I thought of that the other day when I was listening to one of the shows that’s my competition on the radio. The two guys who host that program were pontificating on political issues. It was clear that both these men have an opinion about politics. I do, too! And I, too, have considered doing my own pontificating on the subject on my radio program. But as I listened to these guys I realized that the people who tune in to a financial show probably don’t give a rat’s behind what they think about the Republicans or the Democrats. They want to hear about financial issues they are concerned about and that keep them up at night. It was then I decided that as much fun as talking about my political beliefs would be, most people who listen to me would probably find the fact that I was talking about politics off-putting. So I decided right then and there that my radio show will stick to financial issues. I doubt that if I talked about immigration or the Wall, or how I feel about abortion or the unemployment situation, that anyone’s mind would be changed. People have their own feelings about the political issues of the day. My job on the ProVest Perspective is to inform and educate people about the most efficient way to take their Social Security, or plan their estate, or help them understand their investments. It’s not to bash or defend a particular political point. So tune in to the radio each Sunday morning at 8:00 on 94.5 FM WGTK, The Answer. If you can’t tune in then, you can download our podcast from the radio website at on Monday mornings after the broadcast. I hope you’ll find it fun and informative.