Nature of Humans

If there is anything about the people in our office, it is that we are all animal lovers. About a year ago Pamela saw that a cat had given birth to some kittens near our office. The cat was not domesticated and would run when approached. So Pamela started leaving some cat food out for the mother. As time went on, Cindy started checking on her and Pamela started coming over on weekends to make sure it had some food and was doing okay. Now that cat is being joined by some other cats in the neighborhood. She must have told some of the other cats who thought, “hey, I’d like some of that free food, too.” Humans are the same. Make something easy on a human and they will go in that direction almost every time. Make someone not responsible for any negative consequences to their actions and they will continue to take those actions. I’m a strong believer in helping people when they need it. I also believe that making them dependent on you, or on a government program, is being cruel to that person. In almost every decision we make, we can usually choose either the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is what most of us choose. However, those that choose the hard way, who take personal responsibility for their actions, usually wind up more successful in their lives.