October 2019 - 30 years ago

This year I am writing about my mom, and what she did thirty years ago. My sister recently gave me mom’s diary from 1989 and as I read it I will mention the things she and my step-dad did that were interesting. I’ll also include a few “Legacy Questions” that your children will find interesting about you, but that they may have never thought to ask. Just jot down the questions and the answers for your children to “discover” later.

October, 1989

Thirty years ago this month the world wide web was just getting started, Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones recorded his 1000th tackle when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants, and thousands of East Germans were fleeing into West Germany. Billy Graham was given the 1900th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. An earthquake hit San Francisco, killing 67 people. It also cancelled the 3rd game of the World Series. Hungary broke away from the Soviet Union, declared itself a republic and ended communist rule. Finally, thirty years ago this month Jim Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison for fraud. It was later reduced to eight.

The beginning of October found Mom and Papa Edmond in Nags Head, NC at a timeshare they owned then. They loved that time at the beach, only being about an hour from where they lived. My brother, Haywood and his wife, Nina, lived over there also, so they could, and did, do things together. That timeshare also holds a special memory for me, Wanda and Tyler. From the time he was two years old, my in-laws would take Tyler to Nags Head and the four grandparents would spend the week completely spoiling my son. But he had a ball. Can you imagine, four grandparents with one grandchild? My in-laws were a lot younger than my parents, so my father-in-law drove everywhere they went. Tyler called Bodie Island “Grandmother Birdie’s Beach.” Anyway, after they came back from the beach and were back in their home they started doing normal things like grocery shopping, canning the remaining vegetables in their garden and attending church regularly. At age 76 they were still doing manual labor. They owned a little house they called the “Creeks House,” and they spent days repairing, painting and installing different items in the house. They finally finished it and got it sold. October, 1989 was a good month for Mom and Papa Edmond.

Here are this month’s “Legacy Questions” for you to answer.

1. What feelings did you have when your children were born?

2. What were your children like as pre-teens and teenagers?

3. When your kids misbehaved, how did you punish them?

4. When they excelled, how did you reward them?

5. What made you the most proud of each child and why?