Mom rides out Hurricane Hugo

September, 1989 - A school bus crash occurred in Alton, Texas, which resulted in the deaths of 21 junior and senior high school students by drowning. Chris Evert competed in her final US Open Tennis match. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson debuted the TV show Baywatch, and Nolan Ryan got his 300th strikeout.. Irving Berlin, American composer died at age 101. He is best remembered for writing the songs, “God Bless America” and “White Christmas.” Mom and Papa Edmond spent the month of September harvesting vegetables from their garden, canning and freezing them, and planting winter varieties of vegetables like Collards. They also worked hard to fix up a house they owned and were selling, going over to it several days this month. At the beginning of the month all of her children came to Nags Head to spend some time together and to attend the Bateman Clan family reunion. This is a reunion of my paternal grandmother’s family. Her father, Nicodemus, sired 7 children, of which only one was a boy. That son had one son, and he had no children. So almost no one who attends the family reunion now has the Bateman name. Around the 20th of the month the dominant news there was where was Hurricane Hugo going to hit. Since they lived just a few miles from the coast of North Carolina, they were worried it would come ashore just to their east. For all the devastation Hugo did to Charleston, killing 85 people, it missed them completely. Here are this month’s “Legacy Questions” for you to answer. 1. If you married, how did you meet your spouse? 2. How old were you when you got married? Your spouse? 3. What was a popular movie at the time you were dating your spouse? 4. What was your wedding like? 5. Did you have a honeymoon? Where did you go?