What was happening in August 1989?

A Month in the Life - This year I am writing about my mom, and what she did thirty years ago. My sister recently gave me mom’s diary from 1989 and as I read it I will mention the things she and my step-dad did that were interesting. I’ll also include a few “Legacy Questions” that your children will find interesting about you, but that they may have never thought to ask. Just jot down the questions and the answers for your children to “discover” later.

August, 1989 – This month was marked by the spaceship Voyager II making almost daily discoveries around the planet Neptune. The Sandinista Front won the general election in Nicaragua and P.W. Botha resigned as President of South Africa, hastening the end of Apartheid in that country. This was also the month that Pete Rose was given a lifetime ban from baseball due to his gambling on games in which he was involved. Notable deaths in this month were Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke) died at age 60, and Tim Richmond (NASCAR driver and on whose life the movie Days of Thunder was based) died of AIDS at age 34.

My mother and step-father started August in 1989 in Powdersville, where my sister and her family lived. They drove back to their home in Columbia, NC on August 3rd because they had chores back home. They had painting, wall papering and carpeting to do to their home and their figs and grapes that were ripening at the time were not going to turn themselves into jelly. During the month mom wrote about renting one of their apartments for $185 a month, of a friend having a stroke, of her getting knocked down for the day with angina pain, and of the head-on collision two of her grandchildren (Julie and Ginny) had. Neither was hurt badly. In August they celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary and the birthdays of my sisters Carolyn (52) and Donna (35). During the twenty five years my mother and father were married before my dad’s death, mom spent seventeen and three-quarters years of them bearing seven children and being pregnant for a total of five and a quarter years. It was not an easy life. We all grew up on the family farm where we raised our own livestock, grain, vegetables, milk and eggs. And we all participated in the gathering of what we ate for breakfast, lunch and supper. But neither I nor any of my siblings would trade those experiences and memories for any others. The forties, fifties and sixties were a great time to grow up far removed from the fast pace and problems of big city life. And at age 76, my mom and step-father lived less than three miles from the house I grew up in. They loved going to church on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, and then race home to watch the current episode of Murder She Wrote on TV. They prayed every night and sometimes mom would write her prayer in her diary. This was her prayer on August 3rd, 1989; “Thank you, Good Lord, for our safe journey and the bounty of our garden. We do praise You for Your goodness and mercy. Help us to express our devotion to You. Keep us from all harm and danger, and keep the world at arms length so we are not tempted. In Jesus’ sweet name, Amen.” Here are this month’s “Legacy Questions” for you to answer. Love brings us our greatest moments, our greatest joy and pain. 1. Who is or was the love of your life? 2. How and where did you meet? 3. Did you have a favorite place to go together? 4. Do you have a special memory of that person? 5. Are you still together? If not, why did you part?