What was happening in June 1989

A Month in The Life - This year I am writing about my mom, and what she did thirty years ago. My sister recently gave me mom’s diary from 1989 and as I read it I will mention the things she and my step-dad did that were interesting. I’ll also include a few “Legacy Questions” that your children will find interesting about you, but that they may have never thought to ask. Just jot down the questions and the answers for your children to “discover” later. June, 1989 – Mikhail Gorbachev was on his way to becoming the first and only President of the Soviet Union (The USSR broke apart in 1991), and thousands of Chinese peasants were killed in Tiananmen Square as they demonstrated for democracy in China. The world population was 4.4 billion people and the Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize. George Bush (the elder) was six months into his one and only presidential term, having been elected on a pledge of “no new taxes.” Mom and Papa E planted a garden of corn, green beans, butter beans and peas, wished for rain, and kept their granddaughters as my sister and her husband were on a trip to Hawaii. Mom was happy as most of our family came in for the wedding of her granddaughter, Lynette. China, the Soviet Union, Washington, all very important stories of chaos were going on around the world, but Mom and Papa E were ensconced up in the northeast corner of North Carolina living their lives, loving their children and planting their garden. They were not indifferent to the outside world and its happenings, they were just unaffected by it. Mom, a woman of great faith, often closed her daily post with a prayer. This is just one; “Thank you for the beautiful day, Lord, and for our health and the happiness we share. We love You and praise You with all our hearts and minds.” Here are this month’s “Legacy Questions” for you to answer. Adolescence is a critical time period in life, as we come into our own, taking on more grownup type responsibilities. Years from now your descendents will appreciate that you answered these questions. 1. Who were your best friends as a teenager? 2. Describe your participation in sports, scouts, clubs or church? 3. What were your family vacations like? 4. What was the first paying job you ever had? 5. When did you get your first car? What was it?