Do you have a legacy story to pass down?

This year I am writing about my mom, and what she did thirty years ago. My sister recently gave me Mom’s diary from 1989 and as I read it I will mention the things she and my step-dad did that were interesting. I’ll also include a few “Legacy Questions” that your children will find interesting about you, but that they may have never thought to ask. Just jot down the questions and the answers for your children to “discover” later.

April, 1989 – Mom and Papa Edmond were still at their Florida home in Winterhaven. They had purchased a manufactured house in a park of those type houses some years before and enjoyed spending their winters in a warmer climate than what they found on the east coast of North Carolina. In March Mom wrote that my sister, Donna, had been in a car accident and had soft tissue damage, but she figured she’d be alright soon. On April 8th, Mom wrote that she was concerned for Donna because she wasn’t mending like she should, but again she expressed confidence Donna would eventually heal (she didn’t). While in Florida, Mom was quite active in the community. She and my step-father were avid church goers with a deep spiritual faith. She was also a member of a chorus group that went around singing at different places like nursing homes and wedding anniversary parties. In her younger years Mom had been a professional singer, traveling around the country with a big band in the 1930’s. She encouraged each of her seven children to get involved in music in some way. She made me take piano lessons when I was young, but I hated it and never learned enough to play well. One of my brothers became a good tap dancer (remember, this was the 50’s), but my other two brothers were like me, they didn’t take to music very well. My two older sisters became good piano players, and Donna, God Bless Her, became an accomplished radio player Mom mentioned shopping at K-Mart. Are there any of those stores left? She prayed, even 30 years ago, that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. And, finally, she and Papa Edmond sold their house in Winterhaven for the grand total of $27,000, furniture and all! Can you imagine being able to buy a home, in good shape and ready to move into, for that price in this day and age? I can’t wait to read what Mom and Papa E did in May, 1989. Here are this month’s “Legacy Questions” for you to answer. Your Early Childhood 1. Where and when were you born? 2. What was your neighborhood like? 3. What are your favorite memories of your parents? 4. Did you have any pets? Their names? 5. Who were your best friends as a child?

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