Beware of Socialism

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die to get there.” It means we’d all like to get the ultimate reward, but we really don’t want to make the ultimate sacrifice to get it. That’s the nature of humans. We like getting good things if it doesn’t cost us too much. Young people are being lured into believing socialism is good because it means they get good stuff (free health insurance, free college tuition, etc.) without it costing ‘THEM’ anything. And as long as they continue to have low earnings and pay little to no taxes, they will continue in that belief. And if the people that promise them all the good ‘stuff’ can effectively demonize the folks they want to pay for it, the politicians know they themselves will get the credit for providing all the free stuff to the people who receive it. That, in turn, will increase their political power. Certain members of congress have even suggested a marginal tax rate of 70 to 90%. I once had a conversation with a progressive who thought high salaried people would just work that much harder to get more if they paid a 90% tax rate. He obviously knew nothing about the nature of humans. This newsletter doesn’t go to very many young people. It goes to people with a lot of life experience and wisdom. It is up to us to explain to those youngsters in our lives how dangerous socialism really is. Please don’t think socialism will go away on its own. There are way too many people in politics that see this failed idea as a way to gain power because they believe they can get this sheep fully sold to the people before the people find the wolf underneath.