South Carolina and Dirt

Interesting Facts

• The US Census Bureau reports that South Carolina is the 10th fastest growing state. Over ten years the state’s population has grown by 1.3% per year. In the southeast, only Florida is growing faster (1.59%). Mississippi and Louisiana actually lost population over that period. What this means to South Carolinians is potentially higher real estate values (compared to other states) and more services available for residents. I’ve always known that South Carolina was a great place to live. Looks like more and more people are agreeing with me.

• Remember back in the 50’s and 60’s when our parents told us to go play outside? Turns out that playing in the dirt was actually good for us. Scientists are discovering a “vast, untapped reservoir of antibiotics” residing in the soil. Looking for antibiotics in the dirt is not a novel idea because that’s where many of the most widely used antibiotics come from today. But until now only about 1% of the bacterial species in the ground could be cultured in labs. As we learn more about the wonderful properties the soil has to offer, it’s no wonder that even with all the medical technology we have today, kids seemed healthier back in the day. So parents and grandparents, make sure the young’uns in your family get outside to play in the dirt… and join them! Not only may you have fun you haven’t had in decades, but you can tell the neighbors (who will be looking at you like you’re crazy) that you’re doing it for your health.