Tell Your Friends About Us

If there is one thing we love here at ProVest, it’s talking to clients and prospective clients. We love to use our expertise to help people make sense of their investments. Recently one of our wonderful, tong-term clients brought in a friend. This friend’s husband had always handled all the finances for the family and she was grateful for it. But a couple of years ago he had become disabled, making it impossible for him to handle that chore any longer. So she had let things just sit where they were. When she finally came in to see us she was not sure how many accounts they had or how much their investments were worth. So once we figured out what they had and where it all was, we designed a plan to get the most out of their investments and set it up so they would have all the access they wanted and invest it the way it was most comfortable for them. And when I talked to my client who referred this couple to me, she told me that her referral had come to her at church and told her how much she appreciated her for introducing them to us. That really makes us proud to do what we do. I said all that to say this, we meet some of our best clients through some of our best clients. We always appreciate your introductions to your friends. So please don’t keep us a secret. Tell your friends about us and tell us about your friends. Thanks.