Boom'er Bust Business Breakfast Workshop

Being a person who is self-employed can be a passion, a love and a challenge packed with rewards and frustration. Those who are successful at starting and maintaining a small business eventually get to a time in their lives when they believe it's time to move on to something better, or at least different. They know there is value in their enterprise, but how much? I have had numerous conversations with business owners over the years that were interested in selling their business, but had little actionable information they could use to go about preparing their business for sale, and selling it at a fair price for both themselves and the buyer. So we sought out a team of professionals who could help a small business owner enhance the value of his business, get the contracts prepared that would protect him before and after the sale, arrange the terms of the sale so that he has to pay the least amount of taxes on the proceeds of the sale, and then invest the proceeds in such a way as to produce a lifetime income and leave a lasting family legacy. If you or a friend would like to attend, please register by going to this website;