Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

You never know how you affect other people around you. We received a call at my office the other day alerting us of the passing of one of our clients. Chuck had been an engineer at WSPA TV during his working years, and was one of the gentlest, kindest human beings you could ever meet. We all enjoyed his company because he was always so upbeat and positive. His health had been failing lately, which had confined him to a wheelchair, then to his house. But he wouldn’t think of moving in with one of his three children and disrupt their lives, even though they wanted him to. But death finally claimed him, allowing him to slip the bonds of an old, worn-out body and join his beloved wife, Pearl, up in heaven. Not being the type to want to have his picture made, his children didn’t have many recent photos of him. But when Cindy and I attended the Receiving of Friends, there was a picture that we had professionally taken of him at one of our Christmas Client Celebrations a few years ago. And the obituary picture was another one we had taken of him at a Christmas Client Celebration some years earlier. Cindy and I were happy that we had, in years past, provided for his family the pictures that they used to give the funeral attendees the most recent view of their father’s likeness. We will miss the kind smile, the gentle laughter and the good nature of Chuck. Being in the business of managing retiree’s investments, we know we will lose a client occasionally, and it is always sad. But I had talked to Chuck about his life, and he had told me he was satisfied with it and that his next great adventure would be the trip he was going to make from earth to heaven. And on September first, in the twinkling of an eye, he was there.