What to do when verbally attacked

When we get verbally attacked, our first reaction is usually to attack back. Nobody likes to be put on the defensive. We all like to be liked and agreed with. So when you put out opinions, as I do regularly through this newsletter, my newspaper column and in my personal dealings with clients and prospective clients, I know I will be attacked. My last two newspaper columns were about my reply to atheists and about my wife’s grandmother being taken to the beach to see the ocean. In both of those columns I received emails that were less than complimentary. And even though my first thought was to hit back hard, I decided to be more Christian about it and reply in a very civil tone. I had several back and forth’s with the atheist, and at the end he was friendly as well. The lady who replied to my “Granny” column was dealing with a lot of hurt at the hands of an elderly person who uses insults to browbeat the people around him, and she took it out on me. I replied by acknowledging her point, then going on to describe the real Granny to her. Her second note was completely different in tone and substance. So I learned a very valuable lesson. When someone comes in angry, it is always better to keep a cool head and reply with kindness. It may not always work, but it will always be the right thing to do.