GO South Carolina and Clemson… and the stock market

March ended with the South Carolina Gamecocks Boy’s and Girl’s basketball teams in the Final Four in their NCAA Tournaments. The Girls went on to win the National Championship, while the Boys were eliminated by Gonzaga after a hard-fought game. So the state of South Carolina has had a lot to cheer about this year in sports. The Clemson Tigers were the National Champs in Football, USC did the state proud in both boys and girls basketball, and both the Gamecocks and Tigers are ranked in the top 10 in baseball this season. So a College World Series Championship may be in the offing for one of these teams, who knows?

Is the stock market winning this year? Well, yeah. So far in 2017, the four indexes we follow (Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000) are all up by single digits, but we’ve only covered one quarter of the year so far. One of our research indicators (short-term) did turn negative toward the end of March, which caused us to lighten up on our stock holdings, but our medium and long-term indicators are still positive. We are keeping a close eye on the research we receive every day because this could be a time of transition. The stock market surged with the optimism that surrounded the election of a successful businessman as President. Investors apparently thought he would be good for the stock market. And so far he has been. How long that will continue is still to be seen.

Our job will not be to cheerleader for either a rising or declining market, but to be an unbiased source of information for our clients. Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets to the extent we can. For us, that means actively managing the accounts using real-time research we receive every day. It’s not sexy. It’s not exciting. In fact, it’s sort of boring. But in the long run, it works! Call me (864-582-7766) if you need me.