The Shack Movie Premier Was a Huge Success

We just had what was probably one of the most successful ProVest events we have ever put together for our clients. On Thursday, March 2nd, we sponsored a premier showing of “The Shack,” at the Spartan 16 movie theater in Spartanburg. I thought you may find it interesting to know how it all came about. After reading the book several years ago, I found out in late December that a movie based on it had been made. So I looked it up on line and watched the trailer for it. At the end of the trailer there was a number to call if someone wanted to sponsor a premier event to show it. So I called. I was connected with a lady at the marketing company that arranges these premiers. At first I wanted to show the movie at the NCG theaters at the Hillcrest Shopping Center, but we found out they didn’t plan to carry The Shack, so we started negotiating with the Regal corporate office for a theater at the Spartan 16 near Westgate Mall. We decided we wanted to not only provide everyone with a ticket, but also with a bag of popcorn and a soda so everyone could have that complete movie experience. We knew we needed to start our planning in early January for a March 2 showing. So I had Linda (the lady from the marketing department) start negotiating with Regal. Their first requirement was that we buy EVERY seat in the auditorium, whether anyone was sitting in it or not. So not knowing how many clients would respond to our invitation, we asked for a smaller auditorium. We prepared and had printed our invitation to be mailed to our clients. We mailed over 300 invitations and started getting the RSVP calls. The auditorium started filling up while we were still three weeks out. At two weeks out we had started a waiting list. Then we asked if we could switch to a larger auditorium, adding 35 seats. When word came back that we could, we started booking those seats up. I knew I didn’t want to have to speak to a crowd that large in person, so I had a videographer come in and record our greeting to the attendees. It would play just before the movie began, freeing all of our staff up to try to keep things running smoothly. I even hired my Granddaughter to hand out the tissue packs. On premier night I stood outside directing our clients and their guests to the sign-up table, where we checked off their names and gave them a token for the soda and popcorn. Then they were directed down the hall to our auditorium. Once the previous movie let out we started letting our clients in to the movie to get their seats. By 7:00 o’clock the seats were full and the movie started. We had recorded a seven minute video to play at the beginning and it came off very well. We gave every family a card to fill out and turn in, which most attendees did. In the end, we had 138 attendees to our premier and got wonderful feedback from everyone who commented. We also drew two of the cards for gift certificates, as we mentioned at the movie. The winners of the drawing were Dan and Cynthia Codespoti from Chesnee and Terry and Sharon Atkins from Boiling Springs. Your cards to Copper River Grill are in the mail!

We believe that we are all put on this earth for a purpose. I believe my purpose is to help our clients prepare for what should be a wonderful time in their lives. And it shouldn’t always just be about money. The movie was what I call one of our “Stop-And-Smell-The-Roses” events. For those of you who came, we truly hope you enjoyed the movie. For those of you who were not able to make it, we missed you and hope you can participate in one of our future SASTR events in April or May.