If you could talk to your great-parents about their life, would you?


For that same reason, your great grandchildren will want to know the same about you. 
Legacies are about more than just wealth.  Inheritance is not owed to children – but family stories should be passed down.  
The Alliance American Legacies Study recently revealed that there are 4 pillars of a successful Legacy Strategy:
•    Instructions and wishes to be fulfilled
•    Personal possessions of emotional value
•    Financial assets and real estate
•    Values and Lessons 

ProVest Wealth Advisors has partnered with Legacy Stories to assist people in recording their Legacy though their values and lessons. So to help you create your story, you are prompted with various Legacy Questions that can be used as a catalyst to help you record your written or verbal story. 

This is our Legacy question of the month:

What would you do differently if you had the chance to do it again?


Everybody's made one or more life-changing decisions or had an experience that he or she would gladly undo or change, if it were possible.  If you could rewrite history and relive a moment or a period of your life, which would it be?  Would you choose a different education path, another field? What would you do differently? Why? What outcome would you wish to see?

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