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Investment Management

Portfolio Analysis

Typically a potential client will have a few accounts scattered about, each with differing levels of risk and reward. After obtaining a list of all statements with the current positions, we are able to analyze the holdings in a portfolio. One’s appetite for risk changes through time, and along with it their optimum level of risk. While some are too aggressive, others might be too conservative to reach their potential. Using technology, we are able to see how well your portfolio represents you and your future.

Our Portfolio Investing Style

We believe that missed opportunity is made up easier than a significant drawdown. What separates us from the crowd is our approach to investing and the ability to quickly reduce our clients' stock exposure in a falling market. Diversification is important, but when markets start heading down it has proven to be a weak method of defense (hedge).

By using a tactical approach to investing, we move money across different investments such as Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds and stocks but with the goal of hedging risk. We increase or reduce our levels of cash, regularly, based on independent research which we purchase and follow. If human emotion was more easily controllable, then we believe investing in the S&P500 could be the best way to go, rendering our tactical style useless. Our typical investor is not a risk seeker who is able to handle a 35% to 55% drawdown on their diversified portfolio, but understands our value added is in managing their assets as a fiduciary in a way that can avoid events that might cause them to lose faith.