Our Approach to Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

Retirement Analysis

There are many names and methods for a retirement analysis. The academic term is a Cash Flow Analysis.  Determining cash flows means looking at cash available, spending habits, and what future income (e.g. Social Security, Pension etc.), future assets (e.g. Selling a business, or property), or future expenses (e.g. caring for parents, taking more vacations) one might expect. As part of our Wealth Toolkit, we can help put together a definitive blueprint as the foundation of important upcoming life decisions.  While this may not be the crystal ball we all seek, it could help avoid a big mistake that could decrease one's retirement.

Business Cash Flow Analysis

For small business owners with less than 50 employees, we can prepare a cash flow analysis that determines ways to convert business idea’s into a well laid plan. Most business owners have difficulty putting plans onto paper, due to the complexities with owning a business. As business owners ourselves, we know first hand the challenges and obstacles a small business owner might face. We will work with outside accountants and/or legal advisors to uncover the full value of one’s business and direction.