How Will You Get Ready For Your Work Optional Phase?

  • Prepare the Plans
  • Lay the Ground Work
  • Maintain the Momentum
Are you on pace to retire on your terms?
At ProVest, we can help you plan…even better!


  • 62% of investors have no written plan for retirement (Source: Gallup)

  • Almost 4 in 10 workers expect to retire at age 70 or beyond (Source: EBRI)

  • It is one thing to work because you want to; but not to work because you have to.  Learn how to make work optional.

  • If you are ready to take your future plans to the next level, get in touch with the team at ProVest today and learn about our proprietary WealthTech process.


Somebody looking for a valuable relationship and needs help with planning when to take social security, how much money to withdraw each year in retirement, or how much risk should I take in my portfolio.

What to Expect?

When we meet, leave the check book and Advil in the car. We will simply learn about each other and see if we might be a good fit based on philosophies, trust, and open communication. We are a competitive practice for the services we offer. Accounts over $1 million are charged less than a 0.25% per quarter for daily monitoring, proactive service, and risk management.

What Is The WealthTech® Process?

A comprehensive, four-part process that integrates technology, financial planning, and money management to assist individuals in converting a retirement vision into a written step by step blueprint.

Retirement Analysis

This process depicts a unique written vision of one’s retirement by incorporating the following to see whether a client’s retirement timetable is practical: 

  • Desired Retirement Dates

  • Current Money Available

  • Sources of Income

  • Cost of Living


With many potential variables at play, this tool assists us in depicting several detailed scenarios of future cash flows (e.g. when income starts/stops) and shows the minimum withdrawal from investments needed to live in retirement.

Risk Analysis

This tool helps us clarify one’s ability to handle risk when investing. It is important for an investor to understand how much volatility and temporary losses they can go through so as not to abandon a diversified investment in an unfavorable market. This exercise helps to quantify one’s unique position on risk and assigns a client “Risk Number” to help in portfolio construction.

Portfolio Analysis

Combining the client's current capital available with his current rate of savings, we can measure the various risk factors to a portfolio and one’s retirement. Once the risk analysis and questionnaire are completed, we are able to determine the proper level of risk and perform a stress test that models both favorable and unfavorable economic environments on ones capital.

Asset Management

After determining the client's future cash needs, ability to tolerate risk, and the analysis of current assets, a portfolio is customized to match the client's retirement vision, risk number, and future needs. After the plan and new portfolio are implemented on behalf of the client, daily monitoring is conducted on the portfolio and becomes a crucial part of the portfolio management process.

Basics of Retirement Planning

We depict a unique written vision of your retirement by incorporating the relevant factors to see whether your retirement timetable is practical.

With many potential variables at play, we look at detailed scenarios of future cash flows (e.g. when income starts/stops) and show the minimum withdrawal from investments needed to live in retirement.

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